Eat, Sleep

Do you really want to live like an animal?

Eat like an animal, sleep like an animal, play like an animal?

I don't know about other people, but I certainly don't live like this.

I know I'm a human being with memories.

I'm curious about everything.

I knew somewhere in the world there was something I wanted.

The world is not just about eating and sleeping.

This is not the life I want.

It's stupid and ridiculous.

Life is is short, we should do something important.

Enjoy your life, make you happy.

Listen to your heart, follow your mind.

If you did that, You will be very happy.

I'm tired of the same old life, so I'm going to make a new one.

The world is changing and people are changing.

If you want to stay the same, you will pay the price.

I love the moon and the sun, I love beautiful landscapes, I love nature and people

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